Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Al Ali

Founder & CEO

I believe in challenging myself and through SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING we encourage ourselves towards this vision – UAE has come a long way with the vision of our most inspiring leaders and we are here to take their vision forward by inspiring minds to live their dreams through our clearly defined short course faculties

Elizabeth Percy

Co-Founder & Chief Trainer

In my years as a journalist, as PR for GCC aviation and PR for GCC Royalty, the most inspiring lessons learnt where through releasing thoughts the right way with the skill of writing – time and again I have learnt that unless we are Five Star on the inside we cannot showcase Five Star on the outside and writing is absolutely a Five Star world as we create the best of our worlds with inspiration

Mohammed Nayeemuddin Siddiqui

Chief IT

Being a Project Manager with vast IT experience & work flow automation, an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for building businesses and challenging oneself, I am grateful to have worked across a wide range of industries including enterprise software, digital marketing, web technology & e-commerce. I love to spread knowledge & even as our tagline says I believe my journey is towards the peace and illuminating minds which knowledge alone brings


Professional architect Maitha Alazzawi came to SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING to find her identity and with a year of participation in various courses offered by the training center, Maitha realized that believing in self is the greatest asset. With the guidance of SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING Maitha found her peace in further studying Electromagnetic Science from Geovital and today Maitha Alazzawi is one of our visiting faculty who empowers professionals in the ‘Power of You’ courses. Power of You courses is the signature course of SMART INSPIRATION UINING AE TRAINING developed by Co-founder and Chief Trainer Elizabeth Percy. The course is in line with the vision of the Visionary Founder Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali and the vision is ‘leave no mind behind’ – My Podcast


Barkha Mahesh

Healing Consultant

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