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How did we ignore Creative Writing Classes in Dubai today when creativity keeps the mind functioning at its best? Its over 21 years with creativity being Ms. Elizabeth Percy’s best friend throughout her life’s journey as early as she can remember in school life and in work life where high demanding careers such as being a journalist or corporate communication and PR in aviation and with GCC royalty as well as Protocol and PR for empowered corporates kept her on my toes – which means continuous flow of creativity and precision with responsible delivery.

However, such achievement wouldn’t have been possible without daily disciplining the mind with techniques to enhance creativity Continuous flow of creativity encourages First Thoughts which is essential in any industry for top performance with an edge.

Over the last three years as visiting faculty for Zabeel International Institute for Management and Technology her trainees have come in with a drive for creative change and they have walked out from the classroom distinctly different from the first time they walked into the classroom.

The industries from which Ms. Elizabeth Percy’s trainees have come in are interior designers, architects, content writers, business entrepreneurs, book writers, artists with higher education in mind, fiction writers, autobiography prospects, creative professionals, career enthusiasts, and much more.

But what is creativity and how does it lead to creative writing?

‘Did the barriers in your mind melt down and are you able to see through the first hazy vision and then it becomes clearer and clearer and finally clear – then you have successfully cracked through your hazy mind’

This is the first three hours of Ms. Elizabeth Percy’s creative writing session Once the beginnings of such happenings spiral through with the definite number of techniques advocated then self- realization dawns in and the focus moves to food habits learnings on water intake,
the goodness of infused water, the importance of specific exercises, thought management, memorytechniques and much more – all towards expanding the mind to new realities, more volume for content and much more.

Where does this lead each creative aspirant? In each person’s enthusiasm to increase his or her creative writing they unconsciously wake up their inner gifting and while the writing grows with power, a new self-journey too begins and the journey brings out the true creative writer behind a tightly held mask and this new empowered individual does not only need the mask anymore but is able to feed his creative writing hunger and decide content for different disciplines : Fiction, Content, Creative, etc.

And even as his or her content, creativity or fictional attributes add power of words to their storyboards their imagination too expands to volumes of credibility and they move from their present state of stagnancy to being prepared for a new realm of lifestyle where their energies draw the power to think higher and wider, interact in profound circles of networking, be a responsible employee at the workplace or business or simply write beautifully with intense content.

Such is the world of Creative Writing, Fiction Writing, Content Writing and much more at SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING
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Through it all we wonder what happens, but the mind thrives, it flourishes as it thinks as the mental resistance in us breaks down and the wealth of creation in us begins to be unearthed.

Steadily we begin to love the wealth of creativity within us, we learn more about our triggers and we learn to create anywhere then we understand why leaders need creative minds Storyboards, artworks, canvas, Fiction Writing come alive With #creativemind there is more meaning at the workplace, more meaning at home, more meaning in our life, more meaning in relationships – suddenly everything takes a transformational mood and the mind is able to take more of content without stress.

Sickness too runs out of us and we learn to sleep better, and we comprehend better too.

So, what happens after the techniques are advised towards creative minds?

The techniques give a methodology to enhance creativity, to power language, to power content fiction or actual reports or agency storyboards – in totality the cap on one’s thinking ability is released, and one is able to go into volumes of content without stress.

So what happens after the techniques are advised towards creative minds.

While the techniques give a methodology to enhance creativity, to power language, to power content fiction or actual reports or agency storyboards – in totality the cap on one’s thinking ability is released, and one is able to go into volumes of content without stress

Learn more about the instructor – Elizabeth Percy

Never lived a boring day as born and raised in the state of Kuwait, Ms. Elizabeth Percy loves to inspire people and loves to see and enable more creative talent – a professional journalist with journalism, communications, protocol and aviation background, Ms. Elizabeth Percy continues to live in the fullness of creativity having had an impressive career in communications, journalism, protocol and aviation with GCC Royals, GCC Airlines, GCC Corporates

Educated and certified in Kuwait, India, UK and USA, Ms. Elizabeth Percy believes that the gift of creativity is in every individual and it needs to be harnessed, created, impressed upon for the fullness of the mind to be explored by every human being

Says Ms. Elizabeth Percy, ‘We are all born with great minds but somewhere along our path external factors and impressions made us and we forgot our true selves – that’s where I have stepped in through SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING to inspire and encourage all minds to come alive so that every human beings gifting can be best realized, harnessed and new innovations and inventions can be each person’s story, giving them the most marvelous reason to live their best.

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Founder and CEO, Dr. Engineer Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ali aspires with Co-founder and Chief Trainer Elizabeth Percy to impart knowledge to all minds in the following disciplines : Creative Writing, Content Writing, Fiction Writing, Content with an Edge, Content Vs Creativity, The art of listening, Public Image, Cultural Awareness with focus on UAE, Spoken Arabic, Corporate Communications, PR and much more towards other faculties of Knowledge Transfer.

All courses of SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING are certified by KHDA

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