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Creative Writing is not a new industry – it has always existed since the journey of books began – it evolved from scrapbook to journal writing to news writing to scriptwriting to dialogues and of course content and prolific writing and in different styles – reporting, feature, dialogue, narration and much more

But it all begins somewhere

To simplify the process, we at SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING has defined the course levels as follows :




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  • Perception
  • Nutrition
  • 9 Multiple Intelligence Skills

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  • Cognitive
  • Critical
  • Affective
  • Reflective


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To simplify the process, we at SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING has defined the course levels as
follows :
Creative Level 1 – course techniques

• Cracking the brain through a new realization to reach to the First Thoughts which is best for
• Unknowingly going into healthy brain-mapping
• Exploring the volume of the imagination we can contain
• Expressing one’s imagination
• Identifying briefing and driving the story home
• Being You
• Narrative Therapy – while capturing fear, worry and strength and questioning thoughts for more
• Identifying the Dominant Plot ( best applied in Fiction Writing as well)
• Externalize the problem
• Deconstructing the plot
• Perspective questions
• Opening space for more questions
• Identify Story Question
• Creative Counter Plots
• Protecting your thoughts
• Thumb rule: Little resistance then the creative writing is good – keep the flow

Creative Writing course techniques (Level 2)

• Mindset for Instagram
• Mindset for word press
• Concept for Instagram
• Concept for word press
• Building greater concepts for writing
• Expanding storyboards
• Continue from level 1 – the artist storyboard
• Continue from level 1 – the word storyboard
• Continuing the practice of juggle the brain with reading two books at a time
• Continue the concept of reinvent and reassemble

Creative Writing course techniques (Level 3)

• Advance Mind Mapping
• Advance Color Coding
• Advance Conceptualization
• Sealing the art of Artist Story Board & Word Story Board
• Public Speaking
• Being Your Own Publicist

Medium of instruction: English
One on one classes
Certification : KHDA, Dubai Government or Institute’s certificate
SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING is under the jurisdiction of KHDA, Dubai Govt

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Business Writing (Customized)

The Three Cs
– Corporate Writing or Business Writing
– Crisis Communications
– Customer Service with Sales Communication

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Writing is an art
While creative writing is the finesse of writing, content is the many volumes of details for the work or concept at hand Content is a tapestry of all details keeping in mind the brand journey and USP as well as sales pitch and PR angles this bringing together a quality story board where the audience live the journey before being part of the journey as consumers or influencers

Content – level 1
Know your storyboard
Research and evolution
Story mapping to avoid gaps

Content Level 2
The Inspiration angle
The Edge
The totality with the brand

Content Level 3
Create a 360 degree content with the pulse on PR, Sales and ROI

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Creativity and Personal Mastery

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Courses for Children from 6 years onwards

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Further to consultation

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Preparation – Level 1

– Understanding the best mind approach for creating content

– An overview of content for social media

– Developing ‘The Edge’ mind for social media content

– Creative Mind ‘Techniques’ for exploring content

– How does one execute social media content

Preparation – Level 2

Creating storyboards with lots of assignments

Understanding different contents – brand content, creative content, product content,
autobiography content, personality content

Applying content the PR way with hashtags and spilling over all related social media platforms

Being content prolific

Preparation – Level 3

Keeping the organic growth of the social media platforms

Keeping content value

Maximising content strength

Understanding the importance of hashtags

Understanding the Power of Content

Case Studies

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Customised or Set Program

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Customized Course

Structure of study

1. Power of Thought
2. Creating the flow of thought
3. Protection of thought
4. Meaning of wisdom
5. The biology of thoughts
6. Habit mind and thoughts
7. Present mind and thoughts
8. Gap between thought and writing
9. Creative writing skills
10. Creative mind and creative writing


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( level 1, 2 and 3)
36 hours of class

YouTube Video

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( 5 days X 2 classes)

YouTube Video

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Public Image matters – the etiquette of Public Presence is best explored in the 2 levels of Public Presence and Image Building

– The etiquette of knowing ourselves inside out
–  Greetings and Presence in different cultures
–  Grooming through language written and spoken ( medium of instruction – English – Arabic on request)
–  Grooming for corporate presence
–  Grooming  for GCC Royal presence
–  Understanding the world of Diplomatic Corps
–  Protocol at high-level events


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Emotional Intelligence is a combination of several skills which includes innate intelligence, mindset and emotional coherence
Each skill with techniques are provided in a 12 hour session.

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Customised Courses

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Customised Courses

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Customised Courses

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Course : Three Levels

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Customised Courses



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