SMART INSPIRATION UAE TRAINING is geared towards creating a mindful society where minds are trained to live life to its fullest.


  • Inspired Visionary

    Leave no mind behind

  • Inspired Intuition

    Lets’ help them discover their journey

  • Every Individual Has Potential

    Let’s help them discover their strength

  • The ME Power

    Lets’ raise their potential


Training in Genetic Behavior Analysis, CBT, Psychobiotics, Management Communications with Genetic Indicators

  • Training in PR, Protocol, Cultures, Leadership & Mindset

    Intuitive learning through it all

  • The ME Power

    Lets’ fix the gap

Creative Minds and Creative Writing

– Creative Writing levels ( Level1/Level 2/ Level 3)
– Content Writing
– Scripting
– Art of Visualization
– Art of Storytelling

Public Relations and Communications with Protocol

– The integral aspects for Public Relations
– Communication
– Journalism
– The Power of the Voice
– International Protocol

English Language

– Basic Spoken English
– Intermediary Spoken English
– Business English
– Language with Mindskills

Mindset and Self Empowering courses

– Power of You
– Power of Thought
– Power of Words

Behavioral Analysis

Understanding self through Genetic Behavior Analysis is an interesting way to understand our beginnings on our competencies and behavioral skills and further to the methodologies applied and report generation we take our learners through a 30 hour session to train their skills

Aesthetics Mindskills

Further to Power of You. Power of Thought and Power of Words one needs to review their focus alignment and that is where this skill comes in

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